Who is The Nielsen Company?
The Nielsen Company is a global leader in Internet media and market research. We are part of The Nielsen Company and provide the industry's global standard for Internet and digital media measurement and analysis, offering technology-driven Internet information solutions for media, advertising, ecommerce and financial companies.
What have I signed up for?
Nielsen Digital Voice is one of The Nielsen Company’s online research panels. The Nielsen Company has a goal of obtaining a rich understanding of the Internet marketplace and to provide exceptional data and insight into how people around the world are using their computers and the Internet. As a member of this research panel, you will be helping to shape the future of the Internet.
What is the purpose of the panel?
By understanding how people use their computers and the Internet, businesses can make the World Wide Web a more useful and interesting experience for all users. The input from Nielsen Digital Voice panel members helps online businesses make critical decisions regarding their Internet strategies.
What type of data is being collected?
In addition to the profile information about your household that we ask you to provide, our proprietary software application automatically collects information about computer and Internet activity from the computer(s) you use to participate. We may also administer "pop-up" surveys to some panel members while they are using the Internet. These surveys request additional market research information to help us better understand Internet behaviour and use. Your participation in our surveys is always voluntary. For more information on the type of data being collected and our privacy practices, please read our Privacy Policy.
How are these data being sent to you?
The data you provide us with are automatically sent to The Nielsen Company when you connect to the Internet. The information is automatically encrypted prior to transmission to help ensure security.
What are you going to do with this information?
We combine and supplement the information that comes from our panel members with data and research tools from other sources. We use this information to perform research and to prepare reports and analyses concerning Internet audience demographics, behaviour and use.
What are the eligibility requirements?
In order to be eligible to join the panel, you must meet all the requirements:
  • Be at least 18 years old and capable of entering into a binding contract.
  • Be the owner of any computer onto which you authorize the downloading of the software.
  • If there are minors within your household, you are the parent or guardian of any minor with access to the computer that you are currently using.
  • You agree to inform those individuals with access to the computer on which the software is installed that you have agreed to join the panel, and these individuals have given you their explicit consent to be a part of the panel and to be subject to the panel membership agreement.
  • If you are installing the software at work, you have the permission to do so from your employer.
How long do I have to participate?
The Nielsen Digital Voice research panel is an ongoing project. Your participation in our Internet research is at your discretion. Should you ever decide to stop participating, you may do so at any time.
What will I have to do as part of the research panel?
As part of our research panel, all you have to do is complete the installation of our software (NielsenOnline.exe / nswatchdog.exe) when you register with us. We may also send invitations for you to participate in some short surveys. Members who have opted for our premium membership will be periodically asked via a message prompt to identify who in their household is using the computer. Your participation in our Internet panel is not contingent on your participation in the surveys. In fact, all of our surveys are completely voluntary. Your participation in our Internet panel is also not contingent on your responses to the message prompt. You may downgrade your panel membership any time to a completely passive membership by contacting us.
Why have I not received any surveys?
Surveys are randomly assigned to panel members with certain demographic characteristics as determined by the information provided in the profile. We do not interview each panel member every time. If you have yet to receive your first survey or have not received a survey recently, you can expect to be surveyed sometime in the near future.
Am I eligible to be part of the panel from outside New Zealand?
We thank you for your interest in our research panel, but at this time we can only process entries for residents of New Zealand.
Do I have to fill out profile information for all the members of my household?
Yes, in order to accurately report the way that you and members of your household use the computer and the Internet, we ask that you provide us with profile information for everyone in your household.
Will others be able to access my personal information during the course of registering with the research panel on the website?
Our profile pages are secured. The personal information that you provide us should not be accessible to others when you register with our research panel online.
How do I update my profile/email address?
If you have installed our software and completed the registration process successfully, you can update your profile/email address by clicking on Update Household Profile (Please note that if you are not currently logged on, you will be asked for your Username and Password in order to enter our Members Area where you may then select Update Household Profile).
How do I cancel my participation?
We sincerely appreciate your willingness to serve as a panelist. However, should you ever decide to stop participating, you may do so at any time by contacting us.
Why do I have to log in every time I access the Internet? / Why do I have to identify a user before I connect to the Internet?
Logging in lets us know which person in your household is using the computer. We group the activity that occurs during your session by your demographic category (age, gender, etc.).
The log-in screen keeps coming up and interfering with what I am doing on the computer.
Logging in lets us track computer usage by specific persons in the household.
Why am I automatically logged out after 30 minutes?
After the connection has been idle for a certain period, we can no longer assume that usage should be credited to the user who initially logged in. To maintain the accuracy of our data, we stop crediting time to that user to avoid inflating session lengths for any one demographic category.
How many computers should I install the Nielsen Digital Voice software on?
We prefer that you install our software on all computers in your home.
Why am I being prompted to select the user of the computer?
It is important for us to know which member of your household is using the computer at all times in order to ensure that each member is accurately represented in our research. When this prompt appears, please make sure the person using the computer at that time selects his or her name from among the profiles created during the profile setup. If you start the computer or access the Internet for a young child, please select the child’s name on the user selection screen. The name of anyone using the computer with you (up to two) can also be selected.
If the prompt does not appear and another user would like to begin using the computer, how should we proceed?
You may force the user selection screen to appear by right clicking the Nielsen icon in the system tray (Windows), then selecting User Selection. If you start the computer or access the Internet for a young child, please select the child’s name on the user selection screen. The name of anyone using the computer with you (up to two) can also be selected.
Will Nielsen software slow down my browser or computer?
The Nielsen software has been designed to have no impact on the functionality of your computer. The software requires far less memory than other program applications that may already be operating on your computer. Once downloaded, you should not be able to notice that the software is running.
How much room/space will this take on my computer?
The Nielsen Digital Voice software occupies less than 12 megabytes of disk space.
How much memory will it use?
The Nielsen Digital Voice software will run using less than 20 megabytes of memory.
What are the requirements to install/run Nielsen software?
  • PC compatible computer
  • x86 compatible processor
  • At least Intel, AMD and Cyrix 486.
  • x586, Pentium, Pentium II ; I
  • Internet connection
    Operating System:
  • Display: 640x480 with 256 color minimum
  • Operating system Microsoft Windows 32 bits with Winsock 2 (see below)
    Nielsen Online software is directly compatible with the following Windows version:
  • Windows 95 retail SP1, OEM Service Release 2 (OSR 2), OEM Service Release 2.1 (OSR 2.1), and OEM Service Release 2.5 (OSR 2.5).
  • All Windows 98 versions.
  • All Windows Millennium (ME) versions.
  • Windows NT4 with Service pack 4 minimum.
  • All Windows 2000 versions.
  • All Windows XP versions.
  • All Windows Vista versions.
    You need to update the following Windows version to install Nielsen Online software:
  • Windows NT 4.0 with Service pack 1, 2 or 3.
  • Windows 95 retail and OEM.
Instructions to update Windows NT 4
Windows NT 4.0 with Service pack 1, 2 or 3 need to be updated to SP4 minimum.
  • SP4 for Windows NT 4 is the minimum to be year 2000 compatible.
  • SP6 is highly recommended by Microsoft.
Link to download it from the Microsoft Server (size 45.2 MB):

Instructions to update Windows 95
Only the first Windows 95 release is not suitable. This version is also known as the Windows 95 retail version and OEM.
  • SP1 for Windows 95 is highly recommended by Microsoft.
  • You can choose one of the both solution to update your system:
    1- Install Winsock 2 for Windows 95 retail and OEM versions. (THIS DOES NOT APPLY IT ON ANY OTHER WINDOWS VERSION)

    Link to download it from the Microsoft Server (size 986 KB):

    2- Install Service Pack 1 for Windows 95 retail and OEM versions (it include Winsock2 update).
    Link to download it from the Microsoft Server (size 1,265 KB):
How can I tell if this Nielsen software has been activated?
A good indication that the Nielsen software is running on your system is to refer to the Windows Task Manager: Right click on an empty space on your computer's task bar (the bar that contains your PC's start button).1. Select "Task Manager"(You can also display the "Task Manager" by pressing the CTRL, ALT and DELETE buttons simultaneously) 2. A new window should appear listing all the programs that your PC is currently running. Nielsen Online software is fully activated if it is a listed task with the status of running.
What happens if I cannot use my computer after the Nielsen Digital Voice software has been installed?
The Nielsen software has been rigorously tested to ensure that it does not interfere with the working of your computer. However, if you feel that the software is interfering with the function of your PC, please contact us by using our Email Submission Form briefly describing the troubles you are experiencing. When sending us an email, please make sure to select 'Performance' as the subject category.
Will I be able to install (or delete) other software from my computer while your software is running?
Our software will not affect the way that your computer functions. Once the Nielsen software is installed, you will still be able to do all things you were able to do previously, including installing or deleting other software.
How do I reinstall Nielsen software?
Please visit our Members Area by logging in with your Username and password. Our Re-Install Instructions are located in the Members Area.
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